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What Makes a Good Fit to Partner With Coeo

April 8th, 2024 | 4 min. read

By Jordan Pioth

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Coeo Solutions offers a great partner program for agents who sell our products and services to improve their customer’s business.

While Coeo is open to partnering with anyone, there are characteristics that make some individuals or organizations more likely to maximize their and our results.

If your organization is looking to improve connectivity or communication for your customers, you may want to evaluate Coeo’s capabilities. Additionally, we encourage you to evaluate whether Coeo is a good fit for you and your customers.

Coeo has partnered with thousands of organizations and has delivered our solutions and services to their customers to improve their results.

We want you to understand whether you are a good fit to partner with Coeo would be beneficial for your organization.

By the end of this article, you will understand how Coeo works with our partners and the characteristics that make for a strong, mutually beneficial relationship.

Coeo’s partnership program

If your organization is looking to better serve your customers by improving their communication and connectivity, a partnership with Coeo may help.

For example, some organizations may have a poor partnership with their current provider and are looking to identify new or additional partnerships that enable them to work with partners that better meet their needs and those of their customers.

Poor implementations, canceled orders, and limited upsell opportunities can result in a soured partnership.

These types of partnerships can lead to a lack of resources, limited products to sell, commission discrepancies, and poor account management and support for your customers.

However, if your organization decides to partner with Coeo, we will provide you with a dedicated team of resources that will serve both you and your customers. This dedicated team includes an account manager, channel manager, engineer, and support team.

In addition to this dedicated team of resources, Coeo also provides quality products that incorporate industry-leading technology such as SIP Trunking, SD-WAN, UCaaS, and Microsoft Teams.

Characteristics of a good partner for Coeo

If your organization is looking to have a better partnership with your network and telecommunication provider, understanding the characteristics that make a strong partnership will help you determine whether Coeo is the best choice to serve you and your customers.

The characteristics that make a strong partnership with Coeo include:

What makes a good fit to partner with Coeo?

There are many types of organizations that Coeo looks to partner with. However, there are a few characteristics that an organization may have that make it a good fit to partner with Coeo. These characteristics include:

Organizations seeking a long-term relationship

Coeo typically builds relationships with its partners and their customers that are holistic and last for longer periods of time. For this reason, organizations that are looking for strategic, long-term partnerships are typically a good fit to partner with Coeo.

Organizations that have larger existing customer bases

Coeo offers solutions and services that are better aligned with organizations that have larger numbers of users.

For example, we are typically more likely to better deliver SD-WAN solutions to organizations that have 100 employees accessing their network rather than just a few users.

For this reason, Coeo works most effectively with partners that have a larger customer base that can deliver our solutions to entities with somewhat more complex needs.

Partners that have larger customers with many users and employees looking to access their networks work well with Coeo.

Organizations looking to improve their customer’s connectivity and communication

If your organization currently partners with a network or telecom provider and that provider is struggling to deliver connectivity and communication to your customers, it may damage your relationships with your customers.

In this case, if you are looking for a better partnership with a telecom provider to provide better services for your customers, your organization may be a good fit to partner with Coeo.

What characteristics don’t typically make for a strong partnership?

Now you know the characteristics that make for a strong partnership with Coeo. However, it is also important to understand the characteristics that often make for less successful partnerships. These characteristics include:

Organizations looking to address a short-term need

Coeo typically looks for long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial for both companies. However, if your organization is only looking for a one-time project or a short-term partnership without any long-term objectives, you may not be a good fit to partner with Coeo.

Organizations that only care about the lowest price for the service and solutions

Coeo provides our partners with reliable solutions and customer service. If your organization is only looking for the lowest possible price without regard to value, you may not be a good fit to partner with Coeo.

This point is important because organizations that ultimately buy the lowest-price solution often fail to receive reliable solutions or customer service.

It is important to understand the value your customer is looking for and how to balance the cost of the solution with the quality needed to run a business.

Determining whether your organization is a good fit to partner with Coeo

Now you understand aspects of Coeo’s partner program as well as the characteristics that make an organization a good fit to partner with Coeo.

Organizations can’t operate effectively with poor network or phone performance, resulting in decreased employee productivity or even cyberattacks that cause detrimental consequences to their business.

If you or your customers are dealing with these issues, it may be time to partner with a reliable telecommunications provider like Coeo to improve network connectivity and phone performance.

Coeo knows how important reliable phone performance, network connectivity, and security are and has partnered with thousands of organizations to improve their phone and network performance resulting in improved employee productivity.

We want you to understand what Coeo’s partner program looks like and what makes for a strong partnership so you can determine whether your organization would benefit from a partnership with Coeo.

If you would like to speak with our team to learn more about our partnership program or ask any questions you may have you can schedule an appointment.TALK TO AN EXPERT

Now that you understand Coeo’s partnership program and what makes for a good partnership with Coeo, check out our partner playbook to learn whether your organization is a good fit to partner with Coeo:COEO PARTNER PLAYBOOK

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