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The most vulnerable point of an enterprise is the branch office. These offices do not typically have IT staff on site, and many have trouble integrating their networks and security products into the main office, making these multi-site networks more and more complex every day.

Customers can increase branch security and simplify operations by migrating to Coeo’s proprietary security hardware appliances. Our software-defined approach leverages virtualized network and security functions running on commodity hardware.

  • Stateful and Next Generation Firewall

  • Malware Protection

  • URL and Content Filtering

  • IPS and anti-virus

  • DDos

  • Next Generation VPN

Complete your 360 solution with:

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    Stateful and Next Generation Firewall

    Includes URL filtering, URL categorization, L7 access control, web and IP reputation, user/group access control, security analysis, whitelist/blacklist, packet capture on app ID and near real time cloud look up.

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    Unified Threat Management

    Includes anti-virus, intrusion detection and prevention, SSL inspection, advanced malware, network DLP, sandboxing, DNS proxy and firewall and on-premise malware.

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    Efficient Security

    Maximize cost efficiency by using commodity appliances rather than proprietary hardware combines with automatic service chaining of different security and network functions.

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    Simple to Use

    Simplify operations through zero-touch provisioning, plus deploy networks and security profiles and updates from one log in.


We take every customer’s security seriously. This means being proactive about threat prevention and offering fast and reliable responses to any situations that arise. We want our customers to be informed and empowered with real-time monitoring and reporting as well as simple-to-use tools and solutions to keep threats at bay.

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