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Network Monitoring

Your Business Performance Relies on Your Network Performance

Your network performance directly impacts the success of your business. Network monitoring allows you to monitor your network performance while optimizing your business results. 

An Unreliable Network Can Lead to Productivity Issues

If you are not monitoring your network performance, you may be experiencing a poor performing network that includes latency, outages and quality issues. If you have a poor performing network, it may be hard for your core applications to run effectively, which leads to poor employee performance and frustration. 

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Poor Network Performance

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Poor Business Quality

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Application Performance Issues


Network Monitoring Improves Your Business Performance

Coeo will monitor your network and help you improve your network performance. With better network performance comes higher quality of service for key applications and better business results. 

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Real-Time Control and Visibility

Network monitoring allows your organization to see into and control your network performance in real time, while it is up and running. 


Report on Usage Patterns and Security

See reports on usage patterns, security, and trends so you can make changes to your network to improve network performance.


Analyze Large Volumes of Data

This will allow you to view critical data points and make allocation changes to more efficiently run your applications.

Learn What Network Monitoring Can do for Your Company

Learn what you can do with network monitoring and how it can help your organization.

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Network Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor performance across all sites so you can see within seconds a summary of your network performance.

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Device Monitor Management

Monitor devices across all branch sites with a view that gives a summary of device activity across each site.

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QOS SD-WAN Analytics

Monitor SD-WAN QoS performance across sites, including traffic volume and bandwidth utilization.

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Network Availability

Receive visual representation of network availability that allows for network drill downs for statistics.

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10-Step Continuity Plan

How’s Your Business Continuity Plan?

Within five days after a disaster and with limited ability to talk and serve your customers, studies have shown that your company could stand to lose half its revenue.  

Download this free 10-step plan to get the best practice network and communications continuity plan. 

3 Steps to Reliable Network Performance

Improve your network performance while tightening security, by implementing these three simple steps.


Network Monitoring Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this section to learn about the three most frequently asked questions about network monitoring to educate yourself further on the product.

What is network monitoring?

What are best practices for network monitoring?

Why would I be interested in network monitoring?

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Talk to our experts to learn more about network monitoring and ask any questions you may have about the service.

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