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SIP Trunking brings next gen telephony to enterprise businesses

Coeo’s geo-redundant data centers make SIP simple, affordable and safe.

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SIP Trunking

SIP Trunkinghelps bridge the gap between legacy infrastructure and emerging technologies. It reduces reliance on an expensive and inefficient option, Primary Rate Interface or PRIs, and helps preserve your investments in on-site cloud systems while routing voice calls over data networks. This solution makes it more feasible and attractive for small and enterprise businesses to maintain voice infrastructure. By offering top-tier SIP Trunking at your premise or data centers, and exceptional customer service at an affordable price point, Coeo enhances the investment of internal cloud systems and opens this powerful communications tool to more businesses and organizations.

Calls can be made or received on a variety of phones or devices including a traditional desk phone, a computer or mobile device. Since any of these are SIP endpoints, there’s a wider range of flexibility to take or make a call. This, in turn, helps reduce costs and reliance on public telephone lines while improving call quality. Virtual numbers can easily be routed anywhere in the world, helping customers stay and feel connected. SIP Trunking is an affordable way to work within your existing infrastructure while embracing the benefits available from the newest technology.

  • Geo Redundant and High Availability Options to ensue uptime

  • Feature rich services you need

  • Fully supported by Coeo's expert team

  • Interoperability with all the Major Vendors and Cloud Systems

Complete your 360 solution with:

  • MPLS
  • DIA
  • 1


    Leverage SIP Trunking at a data center for a cost-effective upgrade

  • 2

    High Quality Calls

    Voice traffic is prioritized to prevent poor call experiences. Fax Support with T.38.

  • 3

    Geo-Redundancy Built In

    Diverse paths automatically fail over to provide uninterrupted service

  • 4

    Scale Easier

    Add capacity seamlessly and without having to purchase more hardware


We set up your SIP through our geographically redundant data centers, customizing the system to your specific needs. Leverage our expertise and partnerships to provide secure, high quality and affordable SIP services. We manage it, you use it. When you leverage Coeo’s Session Border Controllers, you leverage our core. You get complete control, end- to- end privatization, and top tier security. Through smart traffic shaping, voice traffic is prioritized to prevent degradation of call quality. And, because we know how critical your calls are for your business, we include additional paths on redundant networks to provide unrivaled fail over.

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