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Improve your network security and increase network uptime by integrating a SASE solution.

Eliminate network downtime, increase network performance, and improve network vulnerabilities to avoid cyberattacks with SASE.

Is Your Organization Plagued by Network Security Vulnerabilities?

If your organization has poor network security, it can lead to network vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can lead to cyberattacks costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair the network. 

If so, you might experience...

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Application Inefficiencies

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Security Threats

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Poor Application Performance

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Lost Security Policies

Difficulty Securing Remote Workers

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Compromised Login Information

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Unsecure Remote Connections


Protect Your Network and Data With SASE

Your network and data need to remain secure to maintain connectivity and avoid cyberattacks and data breaches that can cause detrimental consequences to your network.


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Improved Security

SASE brings security to your network to ensure user devices and data within the network are safe and that all data being sent and received from your network is secure. 


Protect Sensitive Data

SASE allows you to secure your data so you can ensure that sensitive data such as contract agreements do not fall into the wrong hands.


Remote Management

SASE brings greater visibility to your network and allows your team to set up security policies, provisioning access, and monitor your network performance and analytics.

SASE Includes Many Different Components to Help Improve Network Security

SASE enables your network to remain secure by incorporating many different components into one solution.

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SASE Buyer’s Guide

Read our buyer’s guide to learn how SASE can help your company

If you are considering an SASE solution to support your network you may want to do more research to learn about the product and if it is a good or bad fit for your company. Reading this guide will help you learn more about SASE and allow you to make a better buying decision for your company. 

3 Steps to a More Secure Network

Check out the three steps you should take to help your organization improve network security.


SASE Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the three most frequently asked questions about SASE to give yourself more information on the solution

Why do I need SASE?

What are SASE components?

What is Coeo's SASE solution?

I already have cloud and on-premise solutions, VPN, why do I need SASE?

Do you offer the "edges" to connect all end points into your SASE service?

How will you connect the cloud resources into the SASE platform?

Do you have the QoS, loss correction, and other last-mile technologies needed to overcome connectivity problems to the SASE backbone?

What sorts of tools do you offer to monitor and manage my network infrastructure?

Is SASE the right fit for your organization?

If your organization is looking to improve network performance and enhance security, SASE may be the right fit for your organization. Speak with one of our experts to get started on a SASE solution that meets your organization’s needs. 

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