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Contact Center as a Service

Improve Your Customers’ Experience, Engagement and Retention

Treat your customers with the communication experience they deserve.  Give your agents the platform and tools needed to retain and support customers.

Poor Customer Support Can Lead to Lost Opportunities and Customers

90% of prospects use customer service as a key decision factor during vendor selection. Agents not having the right tools to manage your customer base can lead to poor company performance, retention and NPS scores.  Don’t get stuck with these problems:

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Low Customer Satisfaction

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Agent Attrition

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Poor Retention

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Lack of Upsales

CCaaS Call Center Agent on Headset

Stand Out From the Competition With Better Support Through More Informed Agents

Gain control of your customer experience and resolve more customer problems, sell more products and conduct better market research.  Enable your contact center to be a contributor to future growth.

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Decrease Agent Turnover

By using the management AI features supervisors can more effectively manage and engage agents to increase retention by up to 87%


Increase First Call Resolution

Smart queuing allow you to direct callers to the most qualified agent who is capable of answering customers questions, de-escalations or discuss product features


Track the Right KPIs

Ability to set key KPIs to create metrics to help your call center supervisors track the teams performance and customer satisfaction goals.


Business Analytics

Data driven AI analytics to help agents and supervisors make the best decisions for your customers.

Improve Your Customer Satisfaction, Move to CCaaS

Your customers demand immediate attention, information and support from highly skilled agents.  Supply both with software built to improve customer and agent satisfaction.

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10 Step Continuity Plan

How’s Your Business Continuity Plan?

Within five days after a disaster and with limited ability to talk and serve your customers, studies have shown that your company could stand to lose half its revenue.  

Download this free 10-step plan to get the best practice network and communications continuity plan. 

3 Steps to Better Customer Service

Check out the three steps you should take to help your organization improve its customers’ satisfaction.

CCaaS Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the five most frequently asked questions about Contact Center as a Service to give yourself more information on the solution

Is the tool able to integrate with other CRM platforms?

Does the tool support advanced call center features?

Why should we use the cloud for our call center?

Can the tool help me improve agent performance?

Are You Ready to Give Your Customers Better Support?

68% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products and services from a company that offers a great customer experience.  Are you ready to upgrade your contact center service model and improve your bottom line?

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