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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Calling Packages for Microsoft Teams, Deployed Instantly

Quickly turn on affordable calling plans and effortlessly move numbers to Teams. Don’t get stuck waiting on Microsoft or another carrier.

How Microsoft Teams Direct Routing can Help Your Organization

Is your organization struggling with managing DID inventory and paying too much for Teams calling plans? Check out this video to learn how Microsoft Teams Direct Routing can deliver more affordable calling plans, streamline DID inventory management, and enhance your team's project collaboration.

Do Not Lose Control of Your Dial Plans, Phone Numbers and Number Portability

Implementing Teams requires connecting to Public Phone Networks. Are you willing to risk customer conversation and support from a company that is not a phone provider?

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Lost Numbers

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Failed Calls

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Microsoft’ Slow Response

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Lose ability to talk to customers

Coeo Connect for Teams Users

Transition Seamlessly to Microsoft Teams With Coeo Connect

No need for you to lose numbers and have bad ports that result in loss of service.  Coeo Connect allows for a smooth transition one number at a time and at your convenience.  Conversations are the lifeblood of business and keeping you connected is our mission.

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Collaborate With a True Partner

Microsoft is a great software company, but not a phone carrier.  You need a carrier partner for direct routing to deliver performance, service and tools to help you be successful.


40% Savings vs Microsoft Calling Plans

Our flexible calling plans offer up to 40% less in monthly fees when purchasing Coeo Connect over Microsoft Direct Calling Plans.


Integrate Effortlessly Into Teams

Our software system and trunk group strategy will allow for a precise and orderly transition of DIDs and Toll Free numbers to Microsoft Teams.

DID Number Inventory

Domestic and International DID number for new locations, employees or queues.

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National 911 Service

The Ray Baum Act requires  911 service to have a dispatchable address and location for each telephone number.  Experience our nationwide fully compliant  911 service.

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Manage Your Numbers From One System

After deploying on Coeo, your number inventory and calling plans are all controlled on one single system.  Additions, moves and changes have never been this easy.

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Unify the Communication Process

With Microsoft Teams Direct Routing through Coeo Connect, your PBX is instantly connected, allowing you to make internal and external calls from any device.

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Flexible and Cost Effective Call Plans

You only need to pay for what you use and can scale up or down as your business needs change. Choose from unlimited or metered usage services.

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Additional Features

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing offers additional capabilities, including Office 365 integration, file sharing, video conferencing, meeting rooms and other customizable options.

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Low Monthly Fee

As a Cloud Based Solution without any upfront capital expenditures, the solution is packaged in a low cost monthly charge.  Find your best package.

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National Number Portability

Your existing numbers will utilize Local Number Portability to seamlessly complete your move to Teams, save time and ensure business continuity.

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10-Step Continuity Plan

How’s Your Business Continuity Plan?

Within five days after a disaster and with limited ability to talk and serve your customers, studies have shown that your company could stand to lose half its revenue.  

Download this free 10-step plan to get the best practice network and communications continuity plan. 

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Your Biggest Questions, Answered

Before you make a decision on your Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Provider we want to answer as many questions that you may have. 

What is Microsoft Direct Routing?

What do I need to activate Direct Routing on Microsoft Teams?

Will any additional license be required?

Who is responsible for Configuration?

I already have an SBC. Will I need it?

Are You Safe?

Within five days after a disaster and with limited ability to talk and serve your customers, studies have shown that your company could stand to lose half its revenue.  

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