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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing - The Ultimate Guide

December 10th, 2020 | 4 min. read

By Coeo Solutions

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For those who are looking for a comprehensive solution to meet the communication needs of their business, Microsoft Teams might be the answer. Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest-growing brands of communication products in the world. It can provide assistance with document management, app integrations, internal communications, meetings, and more. Recently, there has been even more buzz because there is a new technology that could make Microsoft Teams even more useful with Direct Routing, as it unifies the communication process, increases flexibility, and more. Learn more about what direct routing is and how it can benefit your business below.

What Is Direct Routing?

Direct routing is the process of taking Microsoft Teams communication methods and routing them through a traditional phone network called PSTN. While Microsoft Teams is usually used to help companies communicate internally, its application can be expanded to include external purposes as well.

How Does Direct Routing Work?

In order for everyone to use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, there are two key elements that have to be included. These include:

  • Session Border Controller (SBC): This is usually referred to as a firewall for VoIP communications. Many companies have already uncovered the benefits of using VoIP; however, it is important to keep them safe with a Session Border Controller. With an SBC, it is possible for companies to protect their communications from attacks and breaches. In the past, SBCs were almost always located on-site. Now, they are also hosted in the cloud. This means they are more flexible and less expensive than they were in the past.
  • MS Teams SIP Trunks: The other important element is called a SIP trunk. This is important for connecting the traditional phone network with the PBX and the internet. SIP trunks are important for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and it is important to rely on trained professionals to find the right SIP trunk to meet the needs of the company as well as Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

With these two elements, it is possible for companies to get Microsoft Teams Direct Routing set up to meet their needs.

Who Should Use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

There are several situations where businesses might find Microsoft Teams Direct Routing helpful. First, note that Direct Routing is usually designed specifically for organizations that want to use Microsoft Teams as a PBX; however, Direct Routing is also important for those who are looking for more flexibility than can be provided by the calling plans provided by Microsoft. Some of the most common situations where a company might want to consider leveraging Microsoft Teams Direct Routing include:

  • Microsoft Teams Is Already Used for Internal Communications: Any company that is already deeply ingrained in using Microsoft Teams for internal communication needs might want to consider streamlining their communications by using Direct Routing for their external needs as well. It is relatively easy to expand Microsoft Teams to include the entirety of the phone network. That way, the company no longer needs a separate PBX, streamlining their communications and reducing costs. This will improve the integration between the two systems.
  • A Limited IT Team: Some companies have a very small internal IT team. Other companies might not have an in-house IT team at all. Therefore, it is entirely possible that companies might want external support when they use Microsoft Teams as a PBX. The good news is that when companies decide to roll out Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, they will partner with experienced professionals who can manage their account personally and make sure that everything is functioning exactly as it should.
  • Added Flexibility: Finally, any businesses that would like more flexibility when it comes to their external communications should consider using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. Even though some companies still use the calling plans provided by Microsoft, the reality is that these plans do not provide a lot of flexibility. Any company that makes a variable number of calls per month or that is experiencing fast growth can benefit from Microsoft Teams Direct Routing because the application will be able to support their ever-changing communication needs without large costs associated with it.

These are a few of the most common examples of businesses and organizations that need to consider making the switch to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. There are a few major benefits that come with this switch as well.

What Are the Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

There are a few major benefits of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing that immediately rise to the surface. A few of these benefits include:

  • Unifying the Communications Process: When companies use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, they immediately unify their PBX with their internal phone system. That way, the Microsoft Teams platform immediately becomes the fully-fledged business phone system that the company needs. Now, internal and external communications work together, streamlining calls, chats, meetings, files, and more. This makes communication far more convenient.
  • Choose the Telephone Provider: With Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, companies will be able to select their own provider when it comes to PBX management. This can save companies a tremendous amount of money while providing access to customer support teams. This makes the PBX that much more reliable.
  • Added Features: When companies make the switch to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, they are going to have access to more business capabilities as well. This includes Office 365 integration, more file-sharing capabilities, video meetings, and other customizable options. There are other features that are also available including voicemails, meeting rooms, queues, holding, speed dial, and more.
  • Transfer Numbers: When people use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, there is no need to lose those old numbers. This ensures that businesses are able to maintain continuity as well. This means that companies can save time and money because they will not have to replace any of their systems or add extra lines.
  • Save Time: Finally, converting to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing will also save time. Instead of companies having to worry about juggling multiple systems, everything is going to be in one place with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

These are a few of the biggest benefits that Microsoft Teams Direct Routing will provide. So, it is important to take a look at how the rollout process unfolds.

How Is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Installed?

There are a few steps that need to be followed in order to roll out Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. These include:

  • First, install Microsoft Teams for internal communications.
  • Next, businesses need to obtain the right licenses (such as Microsoft audio calls and phone systems) and choose their telephone provider for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.
  • After this, trained professionals will work with the company to configure the media bypass, MS Teams SIP Trunk, and SBC. This will ensure Microsoft Teams can handle external communications with the PBX.
  • Next, the professional team will port the existing numbers to make sure the company can retain access to its current users and lines.
  • Finally, the third-party provider will also train the current employees regarding how to use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

Overall, the rollout process of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is relatively painless when companies work with trained professionals who have experience in this area.

How Much Does Direct Routing MS Teams Cost?

Of course, the cost is going to vary based on the provider and the individual business circumstances. Even though the cost is going to vary from company to company, direct routing is almost always going to be significantly cheaper than going with the recurring fees associated with calling plans from Microsoft. Furthermore, with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, it is possible for companies to find their own provider, leading to an improved calling experience as well.

Improve Communications with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Whether you have an IT team overseas or have a fast-growing business that needs a flexible solution, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing can greatly benefit your business. The result of using Direct Routing technology? A more communicative and efficiently run business overall.

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