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About Coeo Solutions

Avoid Communication Issues by Selecting the Right Provider

At Coeo we believe that everyone running a voice and data network deserves peace of mind regarding their voice and data technology stack, so you can have more time to focus on other IT strategies.

Promises We Make to Our Customers

Here at Coeo, we take our customers seriously and make them our top priority. Check out this video to learn the promises that we make to our customers to ensure they receive the best possible service. 

These are just a few of the customers who started their journey in the same place you’re in today

Problems We Routinely Solve

Maximize uptime around user-friendly, highly available, and secure voice and data networks with Coeo Solutions. We optimize network performance by solving these common issues:


Costly Network Outages


Engineering Staff Augmentation


Poor Application Performance

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Increased Vulnerability to Cyber Threats

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Unreliable WFH Solutions

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Lack of a Critical Business Continuity Plan

Business Colleagues working together

Founded by Industry Veterans

Committed to designing and supporting solutions for you that deliver maximum security and performance with 100% uptime and unwavering support.

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

Network and communications is the most important tool in business, but not always on the top of your project priorities. Coeo wants to help you succeed by providing resources, delivering on projects and maintaining 100% uptime. Helping to relieve you of performance pressures and delivering peace of mind on your voice and data technology stack, leaving you more time to focus on your IT Strategy.

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Our History

COEO was born from its founders' collective experience in launching and managing communication companies that manage critical infrastructure and technical environments for organizations.  We combined our past customer first approaches from different disciplines, created a support model that puts the needs of you and your company above all else.


See What are Customers are Saying

Explore Joining our Team

Join a fast growing company committed to exceeding customer expectations. Coeo delivers award winning support and technological innovation, it all possible because of our people. We are always looking for new team members that can make it happen.

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