DIA is your business’s internet fast lane

Coeo’s resilient and secure networks help your business stay on track with our DIA service.

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Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

In today’s cloud environment, every connection is mission critical. Enterprises must implement high-performing bandwidth and a multi-layered security approach to guard against cyber attacks. The internet is the highway to communicate with your employees, cloud assets, customers and partners. DIA, or Dedicated Internet Access, specifies bandwidth for your business use. You can trust that a DIA network will keep you connected, and perform consistently with a rated speed. No worrying about high-traffic times, or other challenges with a DIA connection.

Our DIA network is designed for performance. We ensure it’s not only incredibly fast, but that it’s resilient and secure, too. Coeo keeps your business connected, delivering high DIA network reliability all backed up by stringent service-level agreements.

  • Scalable bandwidth

  • IPv4 and IPv6 protocols support

  • Quality of service (QoS) performance options

  • Network survivability and diversity features

  • Fiber, broadband, coax, copper and wireless connectivity

  • Domain name hosting on Coeo domain name servers

  • Competitive SLAs

Complete your 360 solution with:

  • SD-WAN
  • MPLS

Benefits of Coeo’s DIA Service

  • 1

    Simplified Network Administration

    Scalable Ethernet services, managed router services and flexible billing options.

  • 2

    Trusted Nationwide Coverage

    Proven reliability from a global backbone with expansive peering arrangements for better performance by single source provider, all with one invoice.

  • 3

    Network Protection

    Subscription-based IP filtering service with permanent ACLs, SLAs and security operation services.

  • 4

    Options that Work for Your Business

    Range of speeds from 3MB to 10GB and delivery options; Ethernet, Broadband, Coax, Copper, Wireless.


With so many choices for bandwidth, how do you make a confident and informed choices? Coeo builds better networks by design and ensures service, quality and performance. We do it by providing industry-leading Service Level Agreements. You can rest assured that when Coeo is delivering your internet, its quality and our service is top notch.

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