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What is a Bandwidth Aggregator and What Benefits Do They Bring?

February 27th, 2023 | 3 min. read

By Jordan Pioth

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Does your organization have multiple locations and use multiple providers for internet services? If so, you may end up frustrated with managing services from several different providers.

It can be difficult to communicate with your providers when problems arise. With multiple providers managing different services, it can be even more difficult to keep track of which provider manages which services, making it challenging to fix problems when they arise.

Coeo is a bandwidth aggregator and has helped thousands of customers achieve better internet-related results. We know how important simplicity is when managing your network and want to make sure you have information on what a bandwidth aggregator is and how Coeo can help your company simplify your network.

By the end of this article, you will know what a bandwidth aggregator is, the benefits of working with one, and if your company would benefit from working with an aggregator.

What is a bandwidth aggregator?

Bandwidth aggregation is when an aggregator leases infrastructure from underlying carrier partners to deliver internet services to a client.

If your organization has multiple locations you may have different internet providers at each site. Bandwidth aggregation would allow you to source your internet at every site from a single service provider and allow you to have one provider for all of your connections.

A bandwidth aggregator can provide a host of different internet service types while maintaining redundancy at the site level. Some examples of internet service types include cable, copper/DSL, cellular, fiber, and fixed wireless.

An aggregator is able to provide site-level redundancy by delivering internet services over diverse, last-mile infrastructure.

Bandwidth aggregation enables your organization to deal with one provider regardless of where their locations are and no matter who the available infrastructure providers are.

This eliminates the need to work with multiple providers resulting in better efficiencies when troubleshooting service, billing, and results in faster resolutions to problems when they arise.

Benefits of bandwidth aggregation

Bandwidth aggregation can bring many benefits to an organization. Some of these benefits include dealing with a single provider, lower costs, eliminating vendor sprawl, and consolidating support.

●      One provider

Dealing with multiple providers can get tricky and can be time-consuming as well as inefficient. There may be times when your organization has an internet issue and it can be hard to get in contact with the right provider to solve the problem.

This can get frustrating especially when the problem you need to have fixed is time sensitive. Most larger providers take longer to respond because they are larger, less agile organizations.

Having just one provider can be beneficial if the current providers of your internet service have poor customer service.

If this is the case, your aggregator will have better customer service than multiple service providers resulting in a better overall user experience.

An aggregator can be your one provider for all of the different internet services you have at all your locations. Most aggregators do not have their own internet service so they can respond more quickly to problems than a larger organization.

●      Lower cost

Another benefit of bandwidth aggregation and having one provider for all services is the decrease in costs for the service.

Because you will be paying for only the software and hardware and not the managed service, you may realize cost savings by aggregating your services.

Let’s say your company has three different locations with different internet providers at each one.

Instead of having to pay three different providers to manage three different services, you could save money by aggregating one connection with one provider and only paying that one provider.

●      Eliminates vendor sprawl

If you have multiple software services managed by several different providers, you may experience redundancies across applications. This can lead to inefficiencies within your infrastructure.

You may end up having applications or software that are similar and you may have to negotiate which service does what with each provider. With bandwidth aggregation, you eliminate vendor sprawl by having all services harmonize through one single provider.

●      Consolidate support

With aggregated bandwidth, instead of looking to multiple providers for support of your services, you only have to rely on one support team.

This will result in greater efficiency and will make it easier for your organization to receive help with problems when they arise.

Is your organization a good fit for bandwidth aggregation?

Not every company will benefit from bandwidth aggregation. Bandwidth aggregation is helpful to companies that have multiple internet services, service providers, and locations.

Knowing this, if your company has a remote work environment or hybrid remote work environment, your company may not even need internet services. Therefore, you will not benefit from bandwidth aggregation.

If you do not have multiple software or hardware services and multiple providers managing these services, your company will not benefit from bandwidth aggregation.

However, if your company requires reliable internet, has multiple locations, and has multiple services and providers at those locations, you may benefit from aggregating bandwidth to one connection managed by one provider.

Next steps to bandwidth aggregation

Now you know what a bandwidth aggregator is, the benefits of working with one, and whether your organization is a good fit for aggregated bandwidth. This will help you make a better decision on whether you should work with an aggregator.

Coeo is a bandwidth aggregator that has worked with thousands of customers and knows how important it is to have an easy-to-manage network. We want to provide you with information on bandwidth aggregation so you can improve your network efficiency.

If you would like to speak with our team to talk about bandwidth aggregation or ask any questions you may have you can schedule an appointment. TALK TO AN EXPERT

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