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What is CCaaS and How Does it Work?

September 15th, 2023 | 3 min. read

By Jordan Pioth

Contact center agents smiling and talking on the phone with headsets

If your organization has a poor-performing contact or call center, it may provide a poor experience for customers.

Learning what CCaaS is and the benefits it provides will help you determine if a CCaaS solution will improve your contact or call center.

Poor external communication will hinder your organization’s relationship with customers. A CCaaS solution can help improve your organization’s interactions with customers giving them a better user experience.

Coeo knows how important effective communication with customers is and has delivered CCaaS solutions to thousands of organizations to improve their phone solutions.

We want you to understand what CCaaS is and how it works so you can determine if a CCaaS solution is the right fit for your organization.

By the end of this article, you will understand what CCaaS is, how it works, and if it is the right fit for your organization.

What is CCaaS?

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based software solution that allows your organization to make and receive external calls from customers or other users outside of your company.

A contact center is similar to a call center where calls are taken from external users.

However, a call center relies on agents to make and receive calls from external users to answer questions and solve any issues while contact centers allow external users to communicate in more ways than just phone calls.

Contact centers enable customers to communicate with organizations using chatbots, text messaging, and social media.

These messages can be replied to as an automated message or can be responded to by an agent.

CCaaS is connected to the internet via the cloud to communicate with customers enabling agents to use multiple devices such as computers or cellphones from any location.

CCaaS is similar to UCaaS in that both are connected to the internet to make and receive calls via the cloud.

Like UCaaS, CCaaS is provided by a cloud phone provider that typically offers multiple versions of the solution with different prices and features that your organization can choose from to best fit the needs of your company.

How does CCaaS work?

Learning what CCaaS is and how it works will help you determine if it meets the needs of your organization. Some of the components of CCaaS and how they work include:

Multichannel communication

CCaaS uses multiple channels to communicate with customers. These channels include video calls, email, chat, and instant messaging and allow organizations to communicate with their customers through them.

Call routing and queues

CCaaS solutions typically include an auto attendant. An auto attendant is a virtual receptionist used to provide a voice menu system.

An auto attendant typically delivers a custom greeting that enables your organization to customize the message that external users hear at the beginning of the call.

After the customer hears the greeting, there is typically a voice menu.

The voice menu of the auto attendant follows a pre-set script to automatically guide callers along their journey.

The voice menu directs them to the correct person to talk to so they don’t have to communicate with agents who might be less capable of assisting them.

An example of this pre-set script could say something like “press 1 for sales” and the system will transfer you to the sales phone line if 1 is selected.

The auto attendant can help with call routing allowing your customers to be automatically transferred to the agent that can best help them with their needs following their choices on the voice menu.

CCaaS solutions also have an automatic call queue setup for when all agents are busy. This is the waiting room where callers go when all agents are on the phone with other callers.

The call queue automatically manages the callers and directs them to the agent that can best address their inquiries.

The call queue automatically organizes callers in the waiting room in the order in which the calls are received.

Is CCaaS a good fit for your organization?

Now you understand what CCaaS is and how it works. However, it is also important to determine if CCaaS is a good fit for your organization.

If your organization receives a significant number of calls from external users on a daily basis, your organization may want to invest in a CCaaS solution to enable your customers to better communicate with your organization.

If this is the case, your organization may be receiving too many calls to answer daily.

CCaaS can help your organization by providing more channels for your customers to contact you by enabling them to contact your organization via chatbot, email, or text message taking pressure off of your phone agents.

Conversely, if your organization receives limited communication attempts from external users, you may not need a CCaaS solution.

In these situations, your organization may be capable of handling these calls with a few phone agents without having to invest in an entire solution if multiple communication channels are not necessary.

Next steps to purchasing a CCaaS solution

Now you know what CCaaS is, how it works, and whether it is the right fit for your organization. This will help you determine if your organization can benefit from investing in a CCaaS solution.

No one wants to create a poor customer experience because their communication infrastructure doesn’t meet their or their customer’s needs or expectations.

Ineffective interactions caused by poor communication will damage relationships and adversely affect an organization’s revenue.

Coeo knows how important communication is between organizations and their customers and has delivered thousands of CCaaS solutions to organizations to improve their customer relationships.

We want you to understand what CCaaS is and how it works so you can determine if it will improve the communication you have with your customers.

If you would like to speak with our team to learn more about CCaaS or ask any questions you may have you can schedule an appointment.TALK TO AN EXPERT

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