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Meet Our Sponsored Athlete and Brand Ambassador: Nick Tenuta

December 21st, 2022 | 2 min. read

By Jordan Pioth

Nick Tenuta wearing a Coeo polo

Nick Tenuta, a professional golfer, became a Coeo-sponsored athlete and brand ambassador in September of 2022. We are very excited about sponsoring Tenuta and wanted to give you some information on him and share his story.

Tenuta has always loved the game of golf and started playing at a very young age at a golf course a block away from where he grew up in Mount Prospect, IL.

Tenuta’s parents and grandparents used to take him to the Mount Prospect Golf Course when he was just 4 years old. Little did they know, he would continue playing golf professionally 20 years later.

High school career

Tenuta played high school golf at Prospect High School in Mount Prospect, IL where he graduated in 2017. Because Tenuta started playing golf at a very young age with his family, he did not take it very seriously at the start of his high school career.

It wasn’t until after his Sophomore season that he began to take golf more seriously. Tenuta started staying late after practice and participating in extra tournaments to gain more experience and further work on his game.

Tenuta finished with a four-year high school scoring average of 78.9 finishing with a season-low 73.9 average his senior season.

He also became conference champion in 2016 and took home third place at the 3A Illinois State Finals that same year, the best finish in the school’s history. Tenuta also holds the 18-hole record at Prospect High School.

College career

After high school, Tenuta attended Regis University, a private D2 school in Denver, Colorado. Tenuta posted really good numbers including several top 5 finishes during his time at Regis as well as earning Varsity letters and a Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Player of the Week Award in 2018.

After attending Regis for a year and a half, Tenuta decided to transfer to the University of Louisville to continue his golf career. It was at Louisville where Tenuta’s perspective of golf started to shift.

After transferring to Louisville, the competition and skill level changed. Not only were Tenuta’s teammates better but so was the entire competition that he was playing against.

Tenuta described this experience as a wake-up call to how well guys at the top level were playing. This pushed Tenuta to work harder and practice more to improve his skill level to keep up with the new level of competition.

Realizing that he was able to compete with more talented players, Tenuta started to prepare for a future career after college. Tenuta credits Louisville’s golf program for preparing him for professional golf.

During Tenuta’s senior year at Louisville, he realized that professional golf was a possibility after college. Following his college graduation in May of 2022, Tenuta turned his focus to his professional career.

Professional career

Tenuta turned pro in July after receiving his Latin America Tour Card, the first step in his professional journey which locked up his status as a member of the PGA. This is similar to minor league baseball and allows Tenuta to officially receive points credited to the road to the PGA Tour.

Tenuta’s immediate future involves participating in West Florida golf events in early January, a mini tour located in central Florida and the east coast of Florida. Following this tour, Tenuta will aim to participate in Canadian Tour events in March.

Coeo decided to sponsor Tenuta in September of 2022 to help support his road to the PGA tour. We are very excited to help support Tenuta with what is a challenging journey to the PGA tour.

Next steps to learning more about Coeo

Now you know who Nick Tenuta is and his journey to becoming a professional golfer. If you would like to learn more about Nick Tenuta or if your company would like to help out his journey by sponsoring him, you can contact him on his website.

If you would like to learn more about Coeo, you can check out our Learning Center to educate yourself on our products and services. If you would like to speak with one of our experts, feel free to schedule an appointment to ask any questions you may have.

Jordan Pioth

When he's not creating content for Coeo, Jordan loves to watch sports, hang out with friends and family, and anything sneaker-related.