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Problems with Having Poor Customer Support and How to Address Them

October 18th, 2023 | 3 min. read

By Jordan Pioth

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If your organization has communication challenges with customers or provides poor customer support, it can be detrimental to the success of your business.

The customer should be the most important piece of your business.

If your business continues to have poor customer support and communication issues with customers, it can damage your relationships with your customers potentially resulting in lost customers and revenue.

Understanding the problems with providing poor customer support will help you realize how important reliable customer service and communicating with customers is.

If you determine you’re not delivering the service that customers expect, you should evaluate whether your organization should invest in a solution to improve these issues.

Coeo knows how important reliable customer communication is and has delivered thousands of telecom solutions to organizations to improve their relationships with their customers.

We want you to understand the problems caused by delivering poor customer support so you can make the necessary changes to improve these issues within your company.

By the end of this article, you will understand the problems caused by poor customer support and some solutions that can resolve these challenges.

Problems with having poor customer support

If your organization is struggling with a poor-performing call or contact center, you may have difficulty communicating effectively with customers.

This can result in poor customer support along with other problems that include:

Decreased customer satisfaction

If your customers cannot connect with your organization or receive minimal support for the issues that arise with your products and services, they will be less satisfied and may consider other providers for their organization’s needs.

Poor business reputation

If your customers are dealing with poor support they may speak poorly about your services, potentially damaging your organization’s reputation and brand.

Reduced customer loyalty

If your customers are experiencing a lack of support, they will be less loyal to your company.

Even extremely loyal customers have a breaking point if they feel they are not valued enough to receive proper support from your organization and, as a result, they may be less loyal to your organization.

Lost revenue

Of course, with lost customers comes lost revenue as a result. Not only could your organization lose existing revenue from customers leaving, but you may also miss out on potential future revenue.

Higher churn rates

Typically, holding on to existing customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones with the time and effort that goes into acquiring a new customer.

If more customers are leaving because of poor customer support, you may experience higher customer churn rates that result in more work and greater expense to acquire new customers.

Decreased employee morale

Employees who are in customer-facing roles may experience decreased morale and job satisfaction when they are continually unable to solve customer problems because of poor communication technology.

This will create a variety of challenges, especially in a tight labor market, when you are constantly looking to replace employees who are in critical customer-facing roles.

Phone solutions that solve customer support issues

If your organization provides poor customer support and poor communication with customers, you may be experiencing the problems previously mentioned that can be detrimental to your business in the future.

Luckily, several telecom solutions can address these issues including:

1.    Call center

One of the telecom solutions that can help address these issues is a call center.

A call center is a facility that employs agents who answer and make calls to customers or other constituents outside of your organization.

Call centers can be operated in-house meaning they are located and managed within an organization, or they can be outsourced to another entity that specializes in handling customer service calls.

There are major types of call centers: inbound, outbound, and blended where organizations can determine which option best meets their needs.

An inbound call center focuses on all inbound calls from current and prospective customers. An outbound call center handles all outbound calls to the customers.

A blended call center is a combination of the two and handles both inbound and outbound calling.

2.    Contact Center

A contact center is another solution your organization can use to improve customer support issues.

A contact center is similar to a call center except that it allows agents to communicate with customers through more communication tools than just the telephone.

While a call center only allows agents to communicate with customers by phone, a contact center enables them to communicate via text messaging, social media messaging, chatbot, and voice calls.

Additionally, Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based version of a contact center that enables agents to use any device from any location that is connected to the internet to make and receive calls.

Next steps to improving poor customer support and communication

Now you know the problems with having poor customer support and communication and some of the telecom solutions that can solve them.

This will help you determine if your organization should invest in new phone technology to better serve your customers.

Losing customers and revenue because of a poor-performing phone solution can be devastating to an organization. Excellent customer support is important for organizations to satisfy their customers.

Coeo knows how important a reliable phone solution is and has delivered thousands of phone solutions to organizations to improve their customer support.

We want you to know the problems with having poor customer support so you can determine if your organization needs to solve these issues.

If you would like to speak with our team to learn more about phone solutions or ask any questions you may have you can schedule an appointment.TALK TO AN EXPERT

Now that you understand the problems of having poor customer support and how to solve them, read this article to learn about the differences between call centers and contact centers so you can determine which one is best for your organization:

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