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How Integrating 5G Technology Can Help with AI Capabilities

November 29th, 2023 | 4 min. read

By Jordan Pioth

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If your employees rely on an internet connection to perform daily tasks, having a reliable network is important.

Organizations that have a poor-performing network often have less productive employees driven by challenges that include high latency, call breakups or drops, and other telecom-related problems.

However, improving your network performance by combining 5G and AI technology can help with latency issues providing a better user experience that enables your employees to be more efficient and productive.

Coeo knows how important a reliable network is to an organization and has delivered thousands of network solutions and services to improve its network performance and increase employee efficiency and productivity.

We want you to understand how integrating 5G technology with AI capabilities can leverage these technologies to improve your network performance and employee productivity.

By the end of this article, you will understand how AI technology can help network performance, how integrating 5G technology with AI, can enhance that performance, and whether doing this is best for your organization.

How AI can improve your network

AI technology can help improve your network reliability and performance in many ways.

AI can help automate some of your network infrastructure which potentially reduces the workload of employees responsible for managing the network.

AI can automatically monitor your network and manage its performance helping you to identify any performance problems or malicious actors in your network.

Additionally, AI technology will help you detect network anomalies and network failures and help you optimize network traffic.

Using AI technology to manage your network can improve network performance but it can also help monitor your network when you do not have IT expertise in-house or your IT resources can be better allocated to other initiatives.

By having AI monitor your network, you will receive more accurate network analytics like troubleshooting insights in real-time so you can manage your network to ensure increased uptime.

AI technology can also predict the required maintenance of the network before it’s needed which will extend the life of your network.

AI technology can also identify potential equipment failures before they occur to reduce network downtime and maintenance costs.

How 5G technology in your network can help with AI capabilities

Implementing 5G technology can improve your network’s AI capabilities. Some of the ways 5G leverages AI capabilities include:

Faster data speeds

If your organization transfers significant amounts of data daily, it is important that your data transfers are as fast as possible so your organization remains productive and efficient.

5G technology offers significantly faster network speeds than previous generations allowing for faster data transmissions from the cloud and between devices.

AI technology typically requires real-time processing to provide accurate analytics and integrating 5G technology’s data speeds will help your AI system perform more smoothly.

Edge computing

Edge computing is a network architecture that enables data to be processed at the edge of the network as close to the source of data as possible.

Because edge computing takes place at the edge of the network, it eliminates the need to send data back and forth to a data center thereby improving data speeds that result in lower latency and enabling AI to assess data in real time.

5G technology uses edge computing to send and receive data.

AI applications and technology can rely on 5G technology to process data locally inside the network instead of back and forth to the data centers allowing AI to assess data in real time.

Ability to connect a large number of devices at a time

5G can support many devices on a network at one time, much more than previous generations of technology.

The ability to connect many devices to one network helps AI technology and applications within the network since AI typically relies on a multitude of devices to provide consistent and accurate data for automation.

Is combining 5G with AI technology the best solution for your organization?

Now you understand how 5G technology can leverage AI capabilities.

However, it is important to determine whether combining the two is the best solution for your organization to improve your network performance.

If your organization has poor network connectivity and requires a reliable network for employees to perform daily tasks, it may be a good idea to invest in 5G and AI technology to improve your network performance and employee productivity.

Additionally, if you are having trouble connecting many devices to your network, integrating 5G and AI will not only help accomplish this but also manage the performance of your devices and network.

However, if your organization does not rely on your network’s performance and your employees do not use the network to perform daily tasks, you may not need to invest in 5G or AI for your network.

Additionally, if you already have a high-performing network with little to no latency, combining 5G and AI may not be the best fit for your organization.

Determining whether leveraging 5G and AI is a good solution for your organization

Now you understand how AI can improve your network, how 5G technology can leverage AI capabilities, and whether combining 5G and AI technology is the best solution for your organization.

Understanding this information will help you determine whether combining these technologies will help improve your network and benefit your organization.

Organizations can’t afford to utilize a poor-performing network that makes it more difficult for employees to perform their jobs well.

Relying on a poor-performing network will lead to inefficiency and decreased productivity.

Coeo understands how important a reliable network is and has helped deliver updated IT technology and solutions to thousands of organizations to improve the performance and reliability of their network.

We want you to understand how integrating 5G technology with AI can improve your network capabilities so you can determine if combining those technologies would be beneficial to your organization.

If you would like to speak with our team to learn more about integrating 5G technology and AI network capabilities or ask any questions you may have you can schedule an appointment.TALK TO AN EXPERT

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