Managing Remote Sites' Networks Without Adequate IT Staff Support

In today’s era, more people are working remotely than ever before. It is not unusual to have businesses that are spread out in multiple locations with hubs in different parts of the state, region, or country. Unfortunately, because businesses are so spread out, they might not have IT personnel on-site who can help them address IT issues. What types of issues does this create and how can they be addressed?

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What Is the Problem with Not Having Adequate IT Support?

There are a number of major issues that arise when businesses do not have IT experts and support staff on-site. Some of the issues this might create include:

  • There is nobody there to make sure that devices and software programs are updated on a regular basis
  • If malware or viruses infect one or more of the devices, it might take a long time to get rid of this bug
  • If the network goes down or if connectivity issues start to develop, there isn’t an IT professional there who can diagnose and fix the problem quickly

All of these issues lead to lost time, which hurts the bottom line of the business. If there is an IT issue that arises in any shape or form, it might take a tremendous amount of time to get a professional to come out, take a look at the problem, and fix it. As a result, the business could be down for hours or even days.

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Who Is Impacted by a Lack of Adequate IT Support?

Any business that is spread out in multiple locations might suffer from having a lack of adequate IT support. This might include:

  • Healthcare systems that have multiple hospitals and clinics spread throughout the region
  • Banking companies that have multiple branches in different parts of the country
  • Small businesses that have two or three offices scattered throughout the city
  • Retail stores that do not have any IT personnel on-site to handle their issues
  • Transport, Logistics, and Warehousing companies that have multiple hubs in different areas

These are just a few of the industries that might be impacted by a lack of adequate IT support.

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What Is the Problem with Not Having Adequate IT Support_

Why Is a Lack of IT Support a Problem?

The reality is that it is expensive to have IT professionals on-site to handle maintenance issues and address network outages as they come up. As a result, network connectivity issues can be severe issues for companies in multiple industries. This becomes cumbersome because nobody really understands what is going on. Even if there is someone on-site who has a decent understanding of technology, they aren’t going to have the professional training to identify and rectify serious network problems.

Furthermore, because many organizations are spread out, they might have multiple providers for different parts of their network, such as internet and voice. If there are multiple providers, the problem is even worse because no provider is able to provide a clear explanation regarding what is happening. How can companies troubleshoot a problem when there is nobody there who really knows what is happening?

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How Can a Lack of Adequate IT Support Be Rectified?

While it is possible to set up VPNs at every location, this is cumbersome and not practical for large companies who are looking to protect their data without harming their efficiency. One possible solution involves SD-WAN.

SD-WAN meshes the network together and ensures that all of the remote connections are handled in the same place. No longer will businesses have to worry about handling site to site traffic or securing their information. SD-WAN wraps the network up in a protective blanket from start to finish. SD-WAN reaches out to the network and ensures that each site can communicate separately from anything else that is going on without sacrificing security.

Furthermore, the SD-WAN solution goes far beyond simply saying that there are dropped packets. An SD-WAN provider such as Coeo can actually see what is happening, what applications are being used, and what might be causing the problem. Instead of fixing the problems on the surface, SD-WAN providers such as Coeo Solutions can identify the root cause of the problem, address it quickly, and prevent it from returning.

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Contact Coeo Solutions To Learn More About SD-Wan and Improved IT Support

Coeo Solutions provides numerous IT solutions, such as SD-Wan, and monitors all of its services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Coeo Solutions is proactive and reaches out to clients to let them know if issues have arisen. Instead of clients having to worry about outages, Coeo opens up its own tickets ahead of time, reaches out to a technical point of contact, and fixes the issue before clients realize that something is wrong. In this manner, uptime is maximized and downtime is avoided. To learn more about how Coeo can help you, contact us today!

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