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What is Security Service Edge (SSE) and Is it Right for You?

December 8th, 2023 | 4 min. read

By Jordan Pioth

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If your organization is looking for better network security to prevent cyberattacks that could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair your network, it is important you understand what SSE is and how it can help you accomplish this.

If you do not understand what SSE is, you may not know how SSE can help your organization avoid a cyberattack.

No one wants to have a vulnerable network and become a victim of a cyberattack and an SSE solution can help you avoid this issue.

Coeo knows how important reliable network security is to an organization and has delivered thousands of security solutions to organizations to help them avoid cyberattacks.

We want you to understand what SSE is so you can determine whether it is a good solution to help secure your network and prevent cyberattacks and malicious actors from damaging it.

By the end of this article, you will understand what SSE is, its key components, and whether it is a good solution for your organization.

What is SSE?

Security Service Edge (SSE) is an integrated group of technologies that provide users with secure access to the web, cloud services and applications, and their devices.

SSE is based on a framework that focuses on implementing security services at the edge of the network closer to user devices.

This addresses some of the shortcomings of traditional security solutions and services.

Traditional perimeter-based network security models such as firewalls protect the edge of the network and act as a fence surrounding the network and differentiate between trusted and untrusted users.

The area inside the network is considered trusted and outside is considered untrusted.

However, that security model becomes flawed in remote and hybrid work environments where users are accessing the network from many locations.

In these situations, it becomes more difficult for the network to remain secure and easier for malicious actors to penetrate the network.

SSE attaches security to user devices wherever they go providing better network security in a remote work environment.

The key components of SSE

SSE has multiple components that make up the security solution including:

Data tracking using multiple sources

Over the years, organizations have relied on technology to perform their daily work and employees send and receive much more data traffic than ever before.

Traditional security solutions such as firewalls in most cases, cannot even see or understand today’s data traffic making it challenging for traditional firewalls to secure the network.

Today, end users operate across the network using applications in the cloud and have the ability to access data from anywhere on any device.

Because of this, an important component of SSE is having security that follows the data everywhere it travels ensuring better overall network security.

Security can decode cloud traffic

An SSE solution will decode and analyze cloud traffic being sent and received by the network.

This is a capability that traditional firewalls can’t perform making SSE a priority for organizations that use cloud applications regularly.

Integration with existing network infrastructure

SSE integrates well with most existing network infrastructure. This helps your organization implement an SSE solution with minimal or no issues.

Be aware, however, that outdated network infrastructure may make it difficult to integrate your SSE solution.

If you decide to invest in an SSE solution, it is important to speak with your provider about your existing infrastructure to ensure there are no issues when installing your solution.

Is SSE a good fit for your organization?

Now you understand what SSE is and the components that make up the solution. It is also important to determine whether SSE is the best solution for your organization.

If your organization is using outdated network security services, you may not be aware that your network has multiple vulnerabilities that expose it to cyberattacks.

It is important to test your organization’s network security using vulnerability scans and penetration testing.

If the results show your network has weak security, you should strongly consider an SSE solution.

Also, if your organization operates in a remote or hybrid work environment, an SSE solution may be the right fit for your organization to ensure your network is secure no matter where your employees are working.

However, if your organization operates in a traditional work environment where all employees are working in an office every day, you may not need an SSE solution.

To reiterate an earlier point, if your organization has an outdated network that does not integrate well with an SSE solution, it may not accomplish your objectives unless you are willing to upgrade your network infrastructure for better connectivity and security.

Technology is evolving frequently and becoming much more advanced every year. SSE enables your network security to evolve with the changing times ensuring it is secure in every aspect.

This makes an SSE solution an appropriate technology for any organization looking to maintain a secure network while staying current with solutions that address cyber challenges

Determining if your organization should invest in an SSE solution

Now you understand what SSE is, the components that form the solution, and whether it is the right technology for your organization. This will enable you to decide if SSE is a solution your organization can benefit from.

Network security is an important aspect of any technology.

If your organization does not have a reliable network security solution, it can result in data breaches and cyberattacks that can cost your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair your network, result in sensitive data being compromised, and cause permanent damage to your network.

Coeo knows how important reliable network security is to an organization and has delivered thousands of network security solutions to organizations so they can avoid cyberattacks and data breaches.

We want you to understand what SSE is and the key components of the solution so you can determine whether it is the right technology for your organization.

If you would like to speak with our team to learn more about SSE or network security or ask any questions you may have you can schedule an appointment.TALK TO AN EXPERT

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