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5 Steps to Set Up Coeo Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

February 8th, 2023 | 3 min. read

By Jordan Pioth

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If it’s challenging to communicate with employees, co-workers, or customers it’s likely having a negative impact on productivity and work efficiency. With poor productivity, your organization risks retaining customers likely resulting in lost revenue.

Communication is a critically important aspect of a successful business. Without a reliable calling system to help you communicate efficiently, your organization will likely underperform when it comes to productivity and creating revenue.

Coeo knows how important good communication is to an organization. We have delivered thousands of Microsoft Teams Direct routing solutions to customers and want to give you information on implementation steps you will need to take after purchasing the solution.

By the end of this article, you will know what Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is, what Microsoft Teams with Coeo looks like, and the five steps to implement the solution with Coeo.

What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing allows your organization to make and receive phone calls over the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN).

Microsoft Teams is not just a collaborative platform that allows you to chat with employees and host video conferences and meetings. You can also use it as a phone system that allows your traditional phone lines to transfer to the cloud.

Customers connect their existing on-premise telephone service to the Microsoft Teams Phone System using SBCs and a Microsoft-certified partner like Coeo, in order to bring their phone system to the cloud.

A Session Border Controller (SBC) is a dedicated software or hardware device that controls how phone calls are initiated, conducted, and terminated on a voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) network. This tool helps transfer your phone system from traditional phone lines to the internet.

Leveraging Microsoft Teams Direct Routing with Coeo

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is not possible without an SBC and a Microsoft-certified provider. You cannot purchase Microsoft Teams Direct Routing from Microsoft directly.

With this in mind, purchasing Microsoft Teams from a company like Coeo will benefit your company by moving your phone system to the internet.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing can deliver the tools necessary to help your organization achieve effective communication and implementing Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is fast and simple with Coeo Solutions.

5 steps to implementing Coeo Microsoft Teams

To learn more about implementing Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, you can check out these five steps to help you prepare for installation, should you choose to buy from Coeo.

1.    Set up Microsoft Teams internally

First, you’ll want to set up Microsoft Teams to share information and communicate internally. This offers your organization many benefits, including more effective communication and collaboration, resulting in increased productivity.

Using Microsoft Teams within your organization also makes implementing Microsoft Teams Direct Routing for external client communication an easier transition.

2.    Set up SBC and SIP Trunking

Secondly, you’ll need to set up Microsoft Teams Direct Routing with a cloud-based Session Border Controller (SBC). An SBC is also known as a PSTN Gateway and is used to securely transfer data between the internet and your private network.

The SBC routes outgoing and incoming calls between the internet and your PBX. This enables you to safely and securely route calls between the internet, the Microsoft Teams phone system, and your provider’s PSTN network using a SIP trunk.

You need to make sure you know your Microsoft Teams IP details during this step. You’ll need to share this information with your provider to allow them to set up SIP trunks and an SBC for your direct routing.

3.    Order new numbers and transfer existing ones

The next step in setting up Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is to request new phone numbers from the provider. If your business has existing numbers that can be used, your organization can transfer these existing numbers over as well.

Porting existing phone numbers to Coeo is simple and easy. Coeo allows for a smooth transition one number at a time at your convenience.  

4.    Perform test calling with your service provider

After the new and existing numbers are set up, your provider will test inbound and outbound calling before they enable the telecommunications system to go live. This ensures calls are high-quality and issues such as call breakups or drops do not occur.

5.    Train employees on how to use the service

Once your Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is active, you’ll need to ensure your employees are thoroughly trained on using Teams as a phone system.

Not only does this help prevent your team from improperly using the system, but it also makes communicating more efficient.

Training them to use the service will allow them to be well-versed in the communication and productivity benefits that Microsoft Teams Direct Routing offers.

Next steps to purchasing Microsoft Teams Direct Routing from Coeo

Now you know what Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is, how you can leverage it with Coeo, and the five steps you can take to implement your Microsoft Teams Direct Routing with Coeo.

Having this information will allow you to make a better buying decision when looking for a new service. It will also give you insight into what you can expect if you purchase Microsoft Teams Direct Routing from Coeo.

No one wants to have a poor-performing call service. A poor call service can hinder communication efficiency which can negatively impact business results.

Coeo has delivered Microsoft Teams Direct Routing to thousands of customers. We know how important a good calling service is to an organization and want to give you information on Coeo’s Microsoft Teams Direct Routing so you can determine if it is a good fit for your business.

If you would like to speak with our team to talk about integrating Microsoft Teams Direct Routing or ask any questions you may have you can schedule an appointment. TALK TO AN EXPERT

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