4.4.2018 Blog

What Are the Advantages of Using SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking has become the preferred method of connecting SIP-enabled telephony systems with service providers for many reasons.

  • Reduced installation/setup costs. SIP trunks require only a reliable IP network path to the customer’s telephony system. The simplicity and flexibility of SIP trunks allow providers to significantly lower their setup costs and pass savings to their customers.
  • Upgrade SIP trunks quickly with no additional equipment. Many telephony systems support more than one SIP trunk, which means customers can implement multiple SIP trunks to serve different departments or services.

Back up links over any Internet connection for business continuity.  In case the primary link to the SIP provider fails, almost any stable Internet connection can be used to register the SIP trunk to the provider. This can help limit a communications outage and can provide a backup telephony service for emergency calls.

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