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How Can I Make Sure My SIP Trunks Are Secure?

July 17th, 2019 | 0 min. read

By Admin


For as long as the telephone has existed, so have scams to exploit its weaknesses. And while the technology may have changes, VoIP phone systems are no different. In fact, exploitations of this technology are not only more frequent, they’re easier than ever to pull off. Whether they’re rerouting calls, stealing minutes, or committing outright fraud, some wrongdoers have turned phone system exploitation into a lucrative business.

As SIP trunks -- the way you connect voice and video calls on the Internet -- become more common, they’re also becoming more susceptible to attacks. Maintaining high-level security for these systems is vitally important. Without proper security for your SIP trunks, you risk a fatal security breach.

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Originally published on: No Jitter


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