Extend your desk phone to your mobile device with MaX UC Mobile

MaX UC Mobile extends the rich experience found in Unified Communications to your mobile device. Make and receive calls or easily move them between your desk and mobile clients or handsets. Save mobile minutes, especially internationally, by using WiFi or 3G/4G mobile data channels for calling.

  • Instant messaging
    Integrated with other users in your company
  • View your entire corporate directory
    or just the contacts you want
  • “Presence” capabilities
    View “presence” status for your co-workers
  • Use Call Jump
    To move a call from your mobile device to your desk phone, MaX Desktop, or any number you choose
  • Optimized user experience
    Enables users to segregate business usage and calls from personal usage

Moving businesses into the future

Unified Communications as a Service provides several benefits to companies of all sizes. Businesses can realize both initial and long-term savings with Voice over IP (VoIP), and with a hosted solution, capital investment is minimal.

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No more dropped calls

MaX UC Mobile uses cutting edge technology to ensure a high level of voice quality, even in poor coverage. You can even move from a WiFi hotspot to a 3G/4G mobile data network without the call dropping. MaX UC Mobile has been highly optimized so that it uses very little battery life.

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