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As technology continues to evolve at a faster rate, it’s important to keep up with it as much as possible to avoid falling behind. The increasingly popular use of public and private cloud technology, integration of tools such as DropBox that require sufficient bandwidth, and the need to maintain state-of-the-art systems in corporate environments all make an efficient WAN system necessary.

To avoid the shortcomings of traditional WAN strategies, Coeo offers Chicago-based businesses a robust SD-WAN solution. Our solution allows companies to utilize broadband internet connections to connect their offices with each other along with private data centers and cloud services.

In the process, businesses can benefit from reduced network costs while boosting connectivity.

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Benefits of Chicago SD-WAN Solutions

Traditional WAN is expensive because of the use of both a single-function CPE and MPLS for security and connectivity. This technology and its hardware are also difficult to deploy and manage.

The use of SD-WAN and software-defined security gives enterprises the ability to avoid costly TCO, improve IT agility, and use a DevOps approach to WAN and security.

Improved Security with Chicago Software-Defined WAN

Our SD-WAN systems feature software-defined security (SD-Security) that includes a next-generation firewall (NGFW) along with unified threat management (UTM) services that secure connectivity for applications and users throughout the private and public clouds, WAN, and enterprise branch.

The combination of Chicago-hosted SD-WAN and SD-Security can form a software-defined branch (SD-Branch) that provides the benefits of reduced costs, improved operations, and unparalleled security using a cloud-based services platform archive.

Features of SD-WAN Systems

When you implement a Chicago-based SD-WAN solution for your business, you can benefit from several features including:

  • Centralized control panel
  • Management portal for easy grouping and rule change implementation
  • Management of multiple technologies including LTE, MPLS, and broadband
  • Improved traffic prioritization
  • Increased bandwidth

You’ll also be able to utilize our robust analytics solution to see how our Chicago SD-WAN systems are performing. Some analytics highlights include:

  • Policy-driven data logging framework
  • Multi-organizational reporting
  • Reporting for multiple security and network services
  • Real-time anomaly detection and historical traffic usage
  • 3rd-party application and monitoring tool integration

All of these features and more make our Chicago SD-WAN solutions some of the best you’ll find for nearly any business.

Improve Performance and Reduce Costs with Our Chicago-Hosted SD-WAN Solutions

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Benefits of Coeo SD-WAN Solutions

  • 1

    Increased Agility and Security

    Disparate networks all managed through one common encrypted software-defined network

  • 2

    Higher Performance and Reliability

    Dramatically improve availability and application user experience

  • 3

    Lower Costs and Frustrations

    Fewer IT hours and errors saves time and prevents costly mistakes

  • 4

    Easy to Scale and Grow

    Everything’s available through one portal you can manage by yourself

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