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Service Level Agreement

Coeo’s Service Availability Guarantee is to have Coeo’s Network available 99.999% of the time for all products, excluding scheduled maintenance time and as outlined in Master Service Agreement.

Service Level Agreement Credits:

At Customer’s request Customer’s account shall be credited for one day of service with respect to which a Service Availability Guarantee has not been met where Service was unavailable for more than three hours on the applicable day. An SLA credit must be requested in writing to within 30 days after an SLA violation has occurred for a credit to be considered. Daily SLA Credits for network unavailability will be calculated by dividing Customer’s monthly Service Fee by 31, excluding taxes and surcharges. Credits for any given month cannot be greater than one monthly recurring charge. Credits will not be given for Network unavailability, which Coeo determines in its sole judgment was caused by: (a) Customer Equipment, Customer;s Facility, acts or omissions of Customer, its agents or employees, or Customer’s equipment; or (2) a circuit supplied by a Third Party Carrier other than Coeo, including but not limited to Wireless, ILEC, CLEC or CAP.

Outage Reporting Guarantee:

Coeo Guarantee’s is to notify Customer within 30 minutes once Coeo determines that Customer’s Service is unavailable and will contact Customer’s designated point of contact by a method elected selected by Coeo.

Outage Reporting Guarantee Process:

Customer is solely responsible for providing Coeo accurate and current contact information for Customer’s designated point of contact. Coeo will be relieved from its obligations under this Outage Reporting Guarantee if Customer’s contact information is out of date or inaccurate due to Customer’s action of omission or if Coeo failure is due to reasons of Force Majeure.