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SPIFF Terms 2024

Coeo 1st & 2nd Quarter 2024 SPIFF Terms and Conditions

This SPIFF offer is valid from February 19, 2024 to July 30, 2024. Commission is paid at the end of the calendar month and the month following 1st invoice. To qualify, all sales must be signed by the customer and submitted to Coeo on or before July 30, 2024 at 5:00 CST. All qualifying sales must be on a 36-month term or longer.  Any special-priced deals that require modifications to Coeo’s retail rates will require a modification of the SPIFF for that sales opportunity at the sole discretion of Coeo Solutions. The SPIFF payout for deals larger than $15,000 MRC will be split into two payments: 50% after first invoice and 50% paid on last site installed.

SPIFF qualifying solutions are SD-WAN, Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking.

SPIFF – Applies to the MRCs associated with qualified solutions on new customer logos that have a total deal value equal or greater than $750 MRC and contain at least one qualifying solution.

Exempt Products – The following products and charges are exempt from any SPIFF payment: All underlying transport products,  other taxes/surcharges/fees,  equipment charges,  NRC’s,  installation charges,  usage,  consulting charges and any other 3rd party services.

SPIFF Disputes – Channel Partners must provide notice of any SPIFF dispute within 30 days of payment. Coeo reserves the right to reclaim any upfront payment or SPIFF if qualifying criteria are not met or if termination of any services occurs prior to the end of the 36 month term agreement. SPIFF payments must be returned within 30 days if customer services are terminated or not installed within 120 days of customers signature.

By accepting a SPIFF payment Channel Partners agree to these online terms and are incorporated by reference into any and all Agent or Master Agent Agreements.