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Abt’s reputation is built on service and reliability. We make sure they can deliver on that promise.



One of the largest independent single-store appliance and electronics retailers in the country, Abt has a staff of more than 1,400 plus a 100,000 square-foot showroom. Its success over more than 80 years in business is rooted in a commitment to their customers, even as technologies change. For Abt, keeping everyone connected is both a team who provides exceptional care and an e-commerce store staying online without interruption.

As the highest volume single store retailer, any time down with their system or ecommerce site can result in significant losses. Creating a highly redundant solution with a fail-proof disaster recovery plan designed by Coeo helps Abt continue to succeed.

Abt’s promise is built on service and reliability. When it came to partnering on custom cloud connectivity solutions, they chose a company that shares that same dedication. After working with other telecom companies, Abt made the switch to Coeo. We crafted a fully redundant high availability Managed SIP connection for their Avaya PBX, leveraging TDM to SIP conversions for easy integration into Abt’s existing infrastructure, all backed by our exceptional customer service.

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