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10 Steps to Developing, Implementing and Managing a Business Continuity Plan

What You Will Learn...

  • Best Practices in Planning and Managing Real-time Communications in Times of Crisis
  • The Risk Associated with Lack of Planning in Chaos that Can Outlive the Disaster Itself
  • Enlisting Support of Executive in Business Unit Leaders to Ensure the Plan's Value

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In our eBook, you’ll learn the many different ways moving to cloud communications can improve your business, including: 

Did You Know?

According to Crisis Management International (CMI) 75% of companies without a Business Continuity Plan fail within 3 years of a disaster.


Average Impact of a System Shutdown

Impact #1

.5% of market-share loss every 8-hours

Impact #2

1-year of consequences for every 6-hours of down time

Impact #3

Within the first 5-days after a disaster a company could lose 25% of its revenue