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Coeo creates highly secure connections via private MPLS cloud networking and security.

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MPLS Solutions

Data security is top of mind for businesses and their customers. With MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), a standards-based technology creates highly secure networks. Through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), this technology prioritizes the delivery of network packets, the units of data that get routed from one destination to another on the Internet. The MPLS network VPN partition means your traffic is kept separate and private across the infrastructure because VPN partitioning is created using special MPLS tags instead of encryption. With MPLS VPN you’re able to ensure multiple locations and users can all be connected on a single IP network, and that traffic types are prioritized appropriately. Plus, you get low latency and a better end-user experience, too.

We provide cutting-edge technology solutions, trusted expertise, and resources to support your specific needs and challenges. Network technology moves fast. With Coeo, you can take advantage of the current cutting-edge advances in networking MPLS while laying the groundwork to migrate to the network of the future. Rely on Coeo for industry-leading SLAs and options for the service, maintenance, and management of the MPLS network.

  • Sophisticated direct path routing resulting in on time network delivery

  • QOS Traffic prioritization for application delivery and increased system efficiencies

  • Visibility of traffic performance and security improves network management

  • Global network for single source network connections

Complete your 360 solution with:

  • UCaaS

The Difference of Our MPLS Solution

Enjoy improved MPLS security and reliability with Coeo’s MPLS connectivity solutions.
Our MPLS services give businesses a variety of benefits and peace of mind.

  • 1

    Speed and Performance

    Faster response times along with guaranteed network reliability and consistency.

  • 2

    High Degree of Control

    Prioritize network traffic according to your business needs

  • 3

    Highly Secure

    Data networking with best practice in security protection

  • 4

    Expert Solutions

    Careful assessment and planning go into the custom design of your solution


Do you have large, complex data requirements that need special security and delivery considerations? Coeo’s expert personnel will lead a network assessment to determine the optimal solution to meet your data needs. With our MPLS network we will build your data network through our consultative and collaborative process to best secure and deliver your data. Afterwards we’ll monitor and remediate to help ensure the performance and reliability are achieved. We’ll never leave your cyber-side!

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