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What are the Features of UCaaS?

UCaaS networks are customizable, so features can be chosen based on the needs of your company. Some helpful UCaaS features include:

  • Call/video conferencing with screen sharing for improved collaboration and communication

  • Simultaneous ring, allowing you to be reachable on multiple devices, using one number

  • Unified messaging, which updates notifications on all platforms when you check messages on one device, eliminating the need to check a text or voicemail more than once.

  • Hot desking, allowing you to log into any device on your system and have your user profile and setting populate on that device

  • Company directory, which gives you the ability to integrate your current contact management system into the platform. This allows the directory to automatically update across all systems and devices, making it easy to find the relevant individual or department you need to contact.

Types of UCaaS Architectures

There are two types of UCaaS models that service providers offer: single-tenancy models and multi-tenancy models.

Single-Tenancy UCaaS

When a company opts for a single-tenancy model, they are provided with their own server-based,on-premise PBX in a data center. A single-tenancy model offers personalized software and shared hardware. This model is preferable in terms of security and offers more reliable performance than multi-tenancy models.

Multi-Tenancy UCaaS

With multi-tenancy models, companies share both the software and the hardware. Therefore, you cannot make any significant changes in the software application, such as changing the code or personalizing certain functions in the system. Instead, you are limited to small changes, such as the menu structure or color scheme of the network. A multi-tenancy model is generally less expensive and more scalable than a single-tenancy model, making it ideal for fast-growing companies who want to decrease costs.

Why Switch to UCaaS?

Many businesses ask, “why is UCaaS important?” Simply put, implementing UCaaS brings many benefits to your business. Businesses who are expecting fast or unpredictable growth, want to improve collaboration, have remote teams, and are looking to decrease cost are ideal candidates for a UCaaS network.



Unlike some outdated networks, UCaaS offers a scalable and flexible network. This pay-as-you-go model allows businesses to efficiently respond to growing demand that is unpredictable or moving at a fast rate.

Additionally, businesses with UCaaS won’t have to worry about falling behind in terms of current technology. Businesses can easily have access to the latest technology by updating their UCaaS networks with periodic software updates. This differs greatly from other outdated systems that require on-premise equipment. Due to the fast-paced nature of technological changes, many times, on-site equipment begins to become outdated soon after it is installed. What’s more, due to the high costs of installation of on-site equipment, many companies keep the equipment longer than what is ideal.


Increased Employee Mobility & Team Collaboration

UCaaS allows employees to communicate no matter where they are, giving businesses the ability to easily connect with remote teams. Also, in addition to traditional voice communications, such as telephony, UCaaS also provides a variety of other communication channels, such as voice, video, and chat. These additional channels not only give employees flexibility on how to engage with each other, but strengthens team collaboration, as certain channels are more effective for different situations, whether it be a one-on-one chat, a company-wide meeting, or a training session. Needless to say, when companies can better connect with their remote workers and improve team collaboration, productivity also increases.


Decreased Costs

When a business switches to UCaaS, they can enjoy considerable savings. Maintenance and management costs, as well as software upgrades, are moved to the service provider. Furthermore, the cost of future hardware investment needed for on-site systems does not apply for UCaaS networks. Implicit costs from the increased productivity UCaaS provides is also a benefit to companies.


Improved Customer Relationships

Switching to UCaaS also helps businesses improve their relationships with customers. With the ability to communicate anywhere at any time, employees can respond to customers more quickly. Furthermore, the unified system that UCaaS provides decreases the chance of employees relaying inconsistent information to customers. For example, if a customer speaks to an employee over the phone and the employee offers the customer a discount, the second employee that the customer speaks to later through chat will have access to the customer’s information and past conversation, which eliminates the chance of the employee revoking the discount out of confusion or lack of information. Quick, streamlined, and consistent service improves customer experience and satisfaction.

Improve Your Business’s Communication and Efficiency with Coeo

In short, most businesses can greatly benefit from switching to UCaaS. Not only does UCaaS help increase collaboration among teams and improve communication with remote employees, but it also helps improve customer relationships and is highly scalable.

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