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Improve your network performance, security, and reliability with SD-WAN.

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As connectivity, telematics, sensor tracking, and driverless vehicles move into mainstream discussions, so does your need for an IT infrastructure that can support it all. Whether you’re connecting multiple locations like ports and airports or looking to provide better communications to customers about shipments, you need a network that’s reliable, capable, and secure.

Coeo has been developing privatized and secure voice and data networks for the transportation industry since 2014, helping modernize fleet  operations and increase performance.

  • Deploy remote sites in minutes

  • Greater flexibility

  • Access real-time info about shipments

  • Improve network performance

  • Optimize bandwidth based on traffic priority

  • Ensure privacy and security

“Coeo’s fast response times, dedicated point of contact for support, and solid implementation methodology makes them different than other telecom providers.”

Rick Labus, CIO, EPAY Systems

  • SIP for Transportation

    Combine data, voice, and video across a secure network to reduce costs and enhance productivity.

  • SD-WAN for Transportation

    Prioritize communication from mission-critical applications and exchange data quickly, securely, and accurately.

  • UCaaS for Transportation

    An internet-based phone system that gives you the increased mobility, security, and scalability traditional systems can’t.

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What Can a Private Network from Coeo Do For Your Transportation Company? 

Deploy remote sites in minutes

Zero-touch provisioning allows you to get remote sites up and running in minutes.

Cloud-based network management

Whether you’re seeing an increase in shipments or simply need more bandwidth, a cloud-based network lets you scale up or down as needed.

Access near real-time info about shipments

A constantly connected network lets you accurately predict deliveries, track shipments, and receive updates about breakdowns and route changes, all in near real-time.

Improve network performance

Reliable connections, increased bandwidth, and improved security keep your business-critical apps running 24/7.

Optimize bandwidth based on traffic priority

Create separate traffic streams to prioritize application usage, enhance customer experience,  and maintain security and compliance.

Ensure privacy and security

Protect sensitive shipping information and maintain regulatory compliances with a private, secure network.

How Do We Do It

We call it #TheCoeoWay. It’s a blend of leading-edge technology, fully customized solutions, total transparency and a deep commitment to customer service that sets Coeo apart.

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