Private, Secure Networks for Manufacturers

Improve uptime and security in your manufacturing processes over a private, secure and redundant network.

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Improve uptime and security over a private, secure and redundant network.

As a manufacturer, you know that security risks are prevalent in your industry - from targeted phishing attempts to supply chain breaches. Whether you’re a project manager needing to communicate production progress to another department or you need to speak with an engineer over video, having a secure, private connection is vital. You need the peace of mind knowing that your network data is protected from potential breaches that can slow - or even halt - production. You also want to ensure that communication is seamless and efficient.

At Coeo, we’ve been developing private, secure voice and data networks for businesses since 2014. You can rest assured your data and your network are well protected - all while enhancing communication and improving productivity.

  • Improve uptime

  • Lower risk of security breaches

  • Improve communications between locations

  • Ensure privacy and security

  • Increase visibility and control across the network

“Coeo provided us with a comprehensive solution to address our immediate challenges and gave us additional options to position our telephony operations for future success. They were a wonderful partner to work with.”

Chris Postma, Van Drunen Farms Director of IT

  • SIP for Manufacturing

    Combine data, voice, and video across a secure network to reduce costs while enhancing productivity and security.

  • SD-WAN for Manufacturing

    Prioritize communication from mission-critical applications and exchange data quickly, securely, and accurately.

  • UCaaS for Manufacturing

    Securely manage company information that travels between equipment and systems while keeping facilities running

To learn how manufacturers around the country are using unified communications to improve productivity and security, download our ebook now.




What Can a Private Network from Coeo Do For Your Company?

Improve Uptime

Improve uptime and productivity by decreasing the risk of outages and by offering real-time, efficient communication methods.

Lower Risk of Security Breaches

With phishing attempts targeting the manufacturing industry more than any other, our telecommunications system can protect you from these risks, as well as other security threats.

Improve Communication Among Locations

Operating multiple facilities increases production output as well as systems risk. Ensure fast, secure, streamlined communication among locations with a reliable cloud communication system.

Ensure Privacy and Security

Send, receive and store data safely and securely. Our telecommunications system prevents ransomware attacks and other security threats from entering your network, spreading to multiple locations, and accessing sensitive data.

Increase Visibility and Control Across the Network

Get a clear picture of bandwidth usage across plants and other locations to easily scale your network up or down, while also identifying potential security risks before they happen.

How Do We Do It

We call it #TheCoeoWay. It’s a blend of leading-edge technology, fully customized solutions, total transparency and a deep commitment to customer service that sets Coeo apart.

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