Private, Secure Networks for Healthcare

Deliver the best patient care possible—quickly and simply over a private, secure and redundant network.

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Improve Network Connectivity, Productivity, and Uptime

Whether you’re sharing electronic health records with another care provider or speaking with a specialist using video, you need to know your communications are private and secure—without ever worrying that your network data or patient info will be exposed to the public internet.

Coeo has been developing privatized, secure voice and data networks for businesses since 2014. You can rest assured your patient’s data and your network are well protected.

  • Connect doctors and staff

  • Encourage collaboration with other care providers

  • Facilitate mobile healthcare (telemedicine)

  • Improve communication with patients

  • Give faster, real-time access to EHRs

  • Ensure privacy and security compliance

“Coeo’s commitment to us sets them apart from the overwhelming majority of telecom companies. I can spend time managing our business because I know they have our best interests in mind.”

Brett Michalak, CIO, Option Care

  • SIP for Healthcare

    Combine data, voice, and video across a secure network to reduce costs and enhance productivity.

  • SD-WAN for Healthcare

    Prioritize communication from mission-critical applications and exchange data quickly, securely, and accurately.

  • UCaaS for Healthcare

    Securely manage public health information across multiple devices and maintain compliance.

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What Can a Private Network from Coeo Do For Your Healthcare Organization?

Connect Doctors and Staff

A private, secure network lets doctors and staff quickly and easily share information to provide the best care possible.

Encourage Collaboration with Other Care Providers

Need to speak with a specialist in another state? Share EHRs with another provider? It’s easier to work together when everyone knows patient information is safe.

Facilitate Mobile Healthcare (Telemedicine)

With more than half of U.S. hospitals offering some version of telemedicine, it’s important to have a fast, reliable network for data, voice, and video.

Improve Communications with Patients

Let patients safely and reliably schedule appointments, order prescriptions, pay bills, or review results with a doctor.

Give Faster, Real-time Access to Electronic Health Records

Access to health information in emergency situations can be the difference between life and death. Help first responders share information quickly and safely with care facilities.

Ensure Privacy and Security Compliance

Keep your patients’ personal healthcare information safe and mitigate network risks across devices and technologies.

How Do We Do It

We call it #TheCoeoWay. It’s a blend of leading-edge technology, fully customized solutions, total transparency and a deep commitment to customer service that sets Coeo apart.

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