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Connected, Collaborative Classrooms

A good education is about more than reading textbooks and writing papers. Students have the capability to speak to people on the other side of the world, digitally collaborate, or take classes from anywhere. You need a network to match—one that’s reliable, capable, and secure.

Coeo has been developing privatized, secure voice and data networks for the education industry since 2014. You can rest assured your students’ data and your network are well protected.

  • Support more devices

  • Greater accessibility

  • Increase network and application security

  • Encourage collaboration from anywhere

  • Optimize Bandwidth Based On Traffic Priority

  • Ensure privacy and security

“Coeo’s fast response times, dedicated point of contact for support, and solid implementation methodology makes them different than other telecom providers.”

Rick Labus, CIO, EPAY Systems

  • SIP for Education

    Combine data, voice, and video across a secure network to reduce costs and encourage collaboration.

  • SD-WAN for Education

    Prioritize communication from mission-critical applications and exchange data quickly, securely, and accurately.

  • Managed Services for Education

    Securely manage student data across multiple devices and maintain compliance.

To learn how education providers around the country are using unified communications to deliver better facilities, download our ebook now.




What Can a Private Network from Coeo Do For Your Educational Institutions?

Support More Devices

Laptops, phones, tablets—there are more connected devices on campus than ever. You need a network that can support them.

Encourage Collaboration From Anywhere

Education is no longer limited to the walls of a school. E-learning and a combination of robust voice and video options allow you to offer more opportunities to more students using any device.

Increase Network And Application Security

Cybersecurity threats are a growing issue for campuses, large and small. Ensure student data is protected with a secure, private network.

Visibility and Control Across the Network

Get a clear picture of bandwidth usage across buildings and campuses to easily scale your network up or down.

Optimize Bandwidth Based On Traffic Priority

Create separate traffic streams to prioritize application usage, enhance student/teacher experiences, and mitigate security risks.

Lay a Dependable Foundation for Growth

Cloud-based applications and the Internet of Things are driving up bandwidth use and network traffic loads. Make sure you’ve got a network architecture in place to handle growing needs.

How Do We Do It

We call it #TheCoeoWay. It’s a blend of leading-edge technology, fully customized solutions, total transparency and a deep commitment to customer service that sets Coeo apart.

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