Secure Networks for Businesses

Deploy secure and private communication networks in weeks, not months—across a private, secure network.

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The Combination of Reliability, Security, and Capacity

Cloud-based applications and new digital services can draw overwhelming amounts of traffic, resulting in a strained network. In addition to using a robust network, you also need to be able to effectively prioritize traffic types, maintain security, and ensure compliance.

Coeo has been a leading developer of private and secure voice and data networks for the businesses since 2014, helping our customers benefit from systems that are sufficiently protected.

  • Maintain efficient connections

  • Maintain effective communication between your employees and clients

  • Enrich your clients’ experience

  • Improve security and risk mitigation

  • Optimize bandwidth with better traffic prioritization

  • Maintain privacy and compliance

“Coeo’s fast response times, dedicated point of contact for support, and solid implementation methodology makes them different than other telecom providers.”

Rick Labus, CIO, EPAY Systems

  • SIP for Businesses

    Combine data, voice, and video across a secure network to reduce costs and enhance productivity.

  • SD-WAN for Businesses

    Prioritize communication from mission-critical applications and exchange data with efficiency, security, and accuracy.

  • Managed Services for Businesses

    Securely manage your customer and employee information on nearly any device and maintain compliance.

To learn how business service providers all over the country are using unified communications to deliver better care, download our ebook now.



What Can a Private Network from Coeo Do For Your Business?

Maintain Efficient Connections

Networks that are both private and secure allows you to easily and quickly connect across your enterprise and with your clientele.

Maintain Effective Communication Between Your Employees and Clients

Enable your clients to reach out for help on their time, not yours. Secure connections over a private network allow for device-based conversations and videoconferencing.

Enrich Your Clients’ Experience

From virtual tech support to electronic signatures to SMS, chat, video, and voice, customers want to interact in new ways. Get the network you need to give them the options they want.

Improve Security & Risk Mitigation

Whether you backhaul traffic over an encrypted VPN or simply need failover, you’ll get the protection you need at all times.

Optimize Bandwidth with Better Traffic Prioritization

Generate separate traffic streams to prioritize application usage, improve customer experience,  and maintain optimal security and compliance.

Maintain Privacy and Compliance

Securing client data and assets is more important than ever. Give every branch enterprise-level security with consistent compliance.

How Do We Do It

We call it #TheCoeoWay. It’s a blend of leading-edge technology, fully customized solutions, total transparency and a deep commitment to customer service that sets Coeo apart.

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